Emerging Innovations with Data Center and Cloud Buildout has disrupted traditional and legacy telecommunications solutions. Bridge FIT provides solutions and designs on how to migrate existing infrastructure towards hyperscale and converging innovation. Buy and manage telecom and technology smarter. A Boutique consultative telecom that brings clarity to your Telecom, Cloud, and Technology Management.

  • Custom & Various Carrier and Datacenter evaluation options.
  • Master Agent Telecom Services & Billing Management
  • SD WAN Design & Deployments
  • Cloud Services & Enablement

LOWER YOUR COSTS:  We have a localized bench-marking database, direct access to service provider systems and proprietary software that has saved our clients millions of dollars. Watch your monthly expenses shrink.

FREE UP TIME FOR WHAT MATTERS:  Partner with us and you’ll experience a significant reduction in the amount of time and energy you currently spend managing the administrative components of your telecom and technology.

MAINTAIN & IMPROVE PERFORMANCE: It’s not about finding the cheapest solution. It’s about finding a perfect solution for YOUR service level requirements out of myriad of options and helping you deploy and manage it in a way that improves your business.

SCHEDULE YOUR STRATEGY SESSION: You may already know that you have additional needs, and want to get your pricing, reliability, and time expenditures under control. In that case, we offer a Strategy Session. It’s free, includes the Impact X-Ray, and focuses in on the immediate needs you’ve already identified.  

Cyber-Security Program Management


Changing the way businesses demonstrate diligence in managing cybersecurity risks.  Can you defend your Cybersecurity program?

Many companies struggle with their cybersecurity programs.  Whether the struggle is with simply launching a cybersecurity program, managing a complex program or somewhere in between, companies are finding the task becoming more overwhelming as cybersecurity threats grow in number and complexity and the demand for program insight grows.

However, the cybersecurity landscape is ever changing and most companies provide much effort focused on front line defense (threat detection, prevention and monitoring), but a very large threat most companies overlook is its inability to demonstrate the diligence placed in its cybersecurity program and defend the decisions made and efforts supported when breached and facing the following:

 Industry-Tech.jpg Lawsuits, business loss and increasing cost of breaches

 Industry-Tech.jpg  Negative press release and brand name damage control

 Industry-Tech.jpg  Perceived incompetent IT security practice, IT and corporate leadership

Simply pay attention to the headlines. Don’t just protect your data; protect yourself, your leadership team and your directors.
Our products can highlight your competence in managing your cyber-security program!


If you were breached today, could you defend your cyber-security program if your job depended on it?

Our software products are changing the way businesses are approaching the management of their cyber-security programs. A software as a service (SaaS) based solution that provides diligence in your cyber-security posture. This includes and not limited to the following.’

  • Cyber-security Program Management
  • Cyber Incident Response Plan Modules
  • Interactive Timelines
  • Controls and Assessment
  • Stakeholders Reports and Dashboards
  • Project Management Modules

Software Development Services

The Application Development industry has seen a lot of changes in a relative short period of time. Follow the revolution and engage in the conversation.

Bridge FIT represents cost savings and efficiencies in improved performance in Microsoft Outlook clients. A “least administrative effort” provides automated functions and saves you time and money. It pays for itself through PST Migrator.

  • AppDev: Application & Software Development Services.
  • APM (Application Performance Management) Solutions.
  • ERP Application Management Services & Solutions.
  • Digital Transformation
  • API and Mobility
  • AI/ML

PST Migrator Software:

Outlook PST files, while helpful for people who run into mailbox limits, pose various problems for individuals and organizations. The top issues include:

  • Compliance issues related to discovery and data loss
  • Backups are rarely performed on PST files
  • They generate support calls related to corruption and configuration

With migration to Microsoft Office 365, the lower cost of storage has opened an opportunity to move the PST data back into the mailbox and solve the problems they create. PST migrator makes the PST data move to an Office 365 mailbox easier by automatically moving the folders and items via a background and non-distruptive process. Upon completion, PST Migrator disconnects the Outlook PST file.

IT Manage Services

Bridge FIT provides professional IT Services to small and medium-sized businesses.

Bridge FIT represents a Manage Service team that is comprised of people who genuinely care about the quality of our work and the results we deliver to our customers. We utilize a unique approach to recruiting and hiring that is designed to identify people who have the aptitude and willingness to do what we need to have done. We meticulously screen candidates for skills, integrity, and a penchant for constant improvement. The result is a team of exceptional individuals that has the ability and desire to deliver exceptional results. The System Administrators, Network Engineers and Service Desk staff have chosen IT as their profession as evidenced by their degrees, a commitment to ongoing training, certifications, and years of experience. They are backed by a dedicated office staff who facilitate their ability to deliver exceptional results to our customers.

  • Cloud Services
  • Robust Remote Monitoring (RRM)
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) Alerts & Remediation.
  • Microsoft Premier Partner and Manage Services.


Sales Training

Bridge FIT represents a global award-winning sales and marketing enablement company providing Sales Framework and Sales Prospecting Training. The Sales Framework is a simple process to manage the conversation with prospects and customers, and develop a mutual understanding regarding how you and your organization can add value to the buyer and their business. With this conversational framework, you can compete confidently on value, not price, using a time-tested, easy-to-adopt methodology with decades of proven results.


Its simplicity allows you and your team to:

Increase revenue

Access decision makers

Eliminate discounting

Close bigger deals fast

Grow deal size

 Increase forecast accuracy

The professional training is based on simple, repeatable steps that fit into your existing sales routine. And the sales training Framework is the first and only methodology with a toolset integrated throughout the entire sales cycle. The toolset saves time, effort and resources in all selling situations.


  • Rigorously qualify prospects and eliminate the “no decision” sales cycle
  • Efficiently prepare for sales calls
  • Ask the right question in the right order at the right time
  • Properly differentiate the breadth of your products and services
  • Build insightful prospect profiles that increase your credibility

In a world where everyone “sells,” this proven approach has been successfully adopted throughout roles in:

Sales, Strategic Accounts, Business Development, Product Management, Customer service, Consulting, Marketing, Operations.

AWS Cloud Optimization

Bridge FIT is a partner with AWS advanced plus partner cloud management and consulting firm. Utilizing DevOps practices, we offer our clients services in three key areas including Automated Cloud Architectures via our CXOS (TM) Cloud Management Platform, Cloud Consulting, and Cloud Managed Services. Our partners CXOS (TM) Platform offers a 1-click capability to deploy servers, storage, network components, and applications in Amazon Web Services.


Our cloud services exist to help companies overcome their daily challenges. We take your very specific issue and use our cloud expertise and industry-leading solutions to eliminate your problem and improve your operations.


Your accelerated 2-week sprint to a best-fit cloud solution


Deliver and manage your applications in the cloud


24/7/365 support to optimize or scale your cloud


The strategic guidance of certified industry experts


We’ve developed cutting-edge cloud solutions that are 100% vetted, supported, & scalable. Improve your business with modern technology that’s risk-free, process-driven, & ready to go.


Benefit from a best-in-class private cloud solution with full MSP 

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Work inside a custom-built and fully managed public cloud


Score your cloud environment against industry best-practices


Maintain greater control and secure your cloud in a few clicks or less


Optimize or scale your cloud without being locked into a single vendor


Guarantee data protection and availability no matter what happens


We were born in the cloud — which means we’ve been around the block a few times. We’re typically the first to test, vet, and standardize new cloud solutions. In other words, you can trust us.

Why BridgeFit?


Cloud-first mentality

Partnered with industry leaders

Trusted by major organizations

Supported by certified engineers

Proven cloud processes

In-depth strategy planning


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