Bridging the gap

Bridging the Gap

An Advisory Board of Entrepreneur leaders, Bridge FIT provides decades of IT experience supporting Layer 1 thru Layer 7 solutions.  The foundation of Bridge FIT  is based on the methodology of delivering increased business efficiencies and business continuity while providing lower costs and measurable savings. From Telecom Management to Manage Services to Cybersecurity Program Management, Application Development, and People as a Service Bridge FIT has you covered. Bridge FIT’s network and ecosystem is vast, diversified, and experienced. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, just ask. We’ll find what you need.

Technical Solutions Providing
Increased Efficiencies at a Savings


We provide solutions and designs on how to migrate existing infrastructure towards hyperscale and converging innovation.

Cyber-security Program Management

Changing the way businesses demonstrate diligence in managing cybersecurity risks.  Can you defend your Cybersecurity program?

Software Development Services

A “least administrative effort” provides automated functions and saves you time and money. It pays for itself through PST Migrator.

IT Manage Services

We provide professional IT Services to small and medium-sized businesses.

Sales Training

We represent a global award-winning sales and marketing enablement company providing Sales Framework and Sales Prospecting Training.

AWS Services

Bridge FIT is a partner with AWS advanced plus partner cloud management and consulting firm.

Bridge FIT Foundation

FIT is an acronym for Faith, Integrity, and Technology. The goal is to “bridge the gap” by providing support for various causes.  

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